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With combined decades of experience in business and law, our team is acutely aware of the challenges that damaging data breaches pose to our fellow businesses. Governments have responded with compliance standards that impose new costs on companies—both young and established.

We believe in the value of personal privacy and data integrity. We also believe in the innovative spirit of industry and its ability to rise to these new challenges. We believe that rich customer data is the foundation on which businesses build the best products and services. We’ve also learned the hard lesson that data has a cost.

We’re committed to giving companies insight into the upside and downside of each piece of customer data they consider collecting. We’re passionate about helping businesses move on from the outdated paradigm of collecting all data—even that which has no immediate application—to a new model that empowers businesses to thoughtfully collect only the data which is critical to the delivery of their product or service.

Join us at the forefront of this movement for smarter, ethical, and cost-effective data stewardship.

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