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Never have an outdated Privacy Policy. Match every piece of data that your company collects with a legitimate processing purpose.


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Enable privacy by design. Evaluate and document data usage to meet compliance requirements and completely replace expensive audits.


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With purpose-driven data, your business will increase data ROI by eliminating bad or duplicate data and highlighting the most productive processing activities.




Know your data. Harness its value. Control its risk.


Know the

Why and How

of your Data

With new privacy requirements, companies must know the What, Where, Who, Why, and How of their data. Of those, the Why (why are you collecting customer data) and How (how is it being utilized) are the most difficult to document and most often neglected. The How and Why of data involve intent, design, and decisions. Quarterly or yearly audits simply aren’t an efficient and effective way of figuring out why you’re collecting data and how your team members are using it. Shepherd captures those purposes and decisions in flight so that your team members can spec their projects, tools, and products without the invasive interruption of privacy or compliance teams asking them why they did something months ago. Having a clear view into how data is being used (or not used) within your company allows you to make intelligent decisions around what data to leverage and what data to limit or eliminate.






Most problematic data uses can be traced to two problems: lack of approval process and incorrect order of operations. Currently, product stakeholders will spec features and go directly to Engineering for development and launch. Only later are products audited and examined through a compliance and privacy lens.


Shepherd creates an efficient workflow that ensures privacy concerns are accounted for during the design proposal process. Engineers are only involved when data collection purposes and uses are deemed appropriate. Shepherd makes it easy for these approval processes to be automated, streamlined, and fully documented to eliminate the need for intrusive and resource-intensive audits. This workflow is shared by three stakeholders:


Business Advocates


Data Authorities



Business Advocates are anyone within an organization who needs to use data.

Digital marketers, ecommerce directors, and financial analysts all need access to data in order to perform their functions.

Shepherd OS makes requests for data easy with context-rich and detailed forms and a clear channel for submission, review, and approval.

When business stakeholders spend less time looking for data, they can spend more time being effective team members.

Shepherd empowers Data Authorities to make informed and impactful decisions about data usage within the organization.

Data Authorities can examine the details of data lease requests, perform discovery, notate, reject, and approve requests based on the context provided through Shepherd.

Data Authorities are currently hamstrung by esoteric and high-friction data practices.


Shepherd OS provides a set of powerful tools to Data authorities making discovery, permissioning, and triage operations straightforward.

Shepherd OS provides technicians with all the tools they need to easily connect new repositories of any data structure. 

Shepherd provides automated mapping of data fields to Human Attributes with the ability to make manual adjustments. A mapped and connected repository provides a comprehensive overview of and valuable insight into the data an organization is storing.

No more fielding mundane requisition requests or jotting down keys on post-it notes. After connection is complete, technicians can turn their attention back to other engineering tasks.

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